Homeopathic Myths and Facts
Homeopathy is only herbal.

False. Homeopathic medicines are not only sourced from plants, they are also prepared from minerals, animal sources, etc. Homeopaths generally prescribe Homeopathic medicines (potentised dilutions) that are prepared from various sources. They are prepared by diluting them to the extent where quantitative traces of the original substance fail to exist, therefore not herbal. Homeopathic physicians incorporating naturopathy in their practice may prescribe actual plant extracts, known as Mother
Tinctures, which may be classified as herbal therapy.

Homeopathy is slow to act.

False. The action of Homeopathic medicines solely depends on the disease condition. For e.g. acute cases like tonsillitis, neuralgias, colic etc. the action of the remedy selected is equally fast. However, the general feeling that Homeopathy works slow may be due to the fact that the cases most often seen by Homeopaths are usually of long standing duration or chronic in nature. In other words a patient for e.g. suffering from initial symptoms of arthritis seldom opts for homeopathic treatment early and is seen when the disease progresses significantly, which then can only be palliated.

Homeopathy treats only certain diseases.

False. The sphere of action is these remedies is vast and practically covers most of the diseases. Please refer to Ailments & Treatments for a quick reference to some of the commonly treated conditions at HRD.

Homeopathy is not for first aid.

False. Homeopathy works wonder in cases of sprains and strains, concussions, minor cuts and wounds, burns and scalds, sunburn, bites and stings, blisters, toothache, bleeding hemorrhoids, hiccoughs etc.