Dentition / Teething
Consult Now The development and cutting of teeth; teething.
At the time of teething, general irritation, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, fever, sleeplessness and weight loss, etc. are the usual complaints of a child.
Marasmus / Nutritional Deficiency
Consult Now Marasmus is one of the three forms of serious protein-energy malnutrition (PEM). The other two are kwashiorkor (KW) and marasmic KW. These forms of serious PEM represent a group of pathologic conditions associated with a nutritional and energy deficit .They are frequently associated with infections, mainly gastrointestinal infections.

Symptoms of Marasmus
are essentially characteristic of protein-energy deficiency: dry skin, loose hanging skin folds, etc. Drastic loss of adipose tissue from normal areas of fat deposits like buttocks and thighs. The child is fretful, irritable and may show voracious appetite. There may be alternate bands of pigmented and depigmented hair (flag sign) and flaky paint appearance of skin due to peeling

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